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Bulgarian National Consumers Association (BNCA)

Bulgarian National Consumers Association (BNCA)




The Bulgarian National Consumers Association is an independent non-governmental organization for protection of the consumer interests. It was founded in 1998.


To protect consumers rights and interests by:

- Providing information that supports consumers choices in the market
- Giving assistance about infringing upon consumers rights and interests  consultation and legal assistance for claiming in-court and out-of-court procedures/conciliation committees.
- Lobbying for the improvement of the legislation  representing consumers interests in case of any legislative changes.


STATUTE of Bulgarian National Consumer Association


-  Participating at preliminary civil deliberations to the Law on consumer protection and trade rules, passed and enforced in 1999.
- Participating at drafting different kinds of consumer related laws, regulations, and contracts.
- Established 19 regional branches up to now.
- Established 2 specialized branches.
- Opened eight information and consultation centers in Sofia, Varna, Ruse, Bourgas, Gabrovo, Razgrad, Sliven and Blagoevgrad.
- E-consumers Club established in 1999, aiming at protecting consumers? interests using the global network for shopping.
- Young consumers club established in 2002, where people under 30 years old are members to raise youth awareness on consumer issues.
- Member of the National Counsel for Consumers Protection (NCCP).
- Playing active role in the Conciliation Committees out of court bodies for resolving consumer disputes.
- Organized Consumer of the year award (1999)
- Designed the first specialized consumer website in Bulgarian.
- Provide consumer education for journalists, parents,municipality servants etc.
- Provide information to consumers through media press conferences, press releases, interviews, articles etc.
- Providing consumer consultation over telephone, personal and written contacts.
- Directing and representing consumers in the relevant state institutions for consumer protection.
- Providing and helping with filling in forms for consumer claims such as:
- consumer complaint form
- consumer recall form
- conciliation committee form

BNCA is a member of:

I. National Council For Consumers Protection

The national council for consumers protection is a consultative body of the minister of Economy. It comprises 12 members and includes one representative each of the ministry of Health, ministry of Agriculture, ministry of Industry, ministry of Transport, ministry of Trade and Tourism and ministry of Finance, designated by respective ministers and the correspondent number of consumer associations representatives


The National Council for Consumer Protection shall:

submit proposals trough the minister of Economy for making changes and amendments in the legal regulation of the consumer protection;

submit proposals to the respective State authorities related to the effective enforcement of the consumer protection legislation;

express opinions on draft normative acts related to the consumers rights

II. National Union Of Consumers Organizations

Founded on 17 March 2003 in Sofia by seven Bulgarian consumers NGOs

1. Union Of Insured
2. Active Consumers
3. Regional Consumers Union - Plovdiv
4. Consumers Center For Information And Research - Plovdiv
5. National League Consumers Of Services
6. Regional Consumers Union 98 - Vidin
7. Bulgarian National Consumers Association

Aims of the National Union of Consumers Organizations

1. Gathering together resources of consumers organizations to improve quality of their work;
2. Increasing consumers organizations influence on the state consumer protection policy;
3. Coordination of activities of consumers organizations in the fields of consumer protection;
4. Making provision for development of consumers organizations.

The Board of the Union consists of the following organizations

1. Union of Insured
2. Active Consumers
3. Regional Consumers Union - Plovdiv
4. Consumers Center for Information and Research - Plovdiv
5. National League Consumers of Services
6. Regional Consumers Union 98 - Vidin
7. Bulgarian National Consumers Association


- National Association of Municipality Servants in the Field of Trade, Tourism and Consumers Protection in the Republic of Bulgaria
- Commission on Trade and Consumer Protection
- National Organization of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria
- National Youth Council
- Union of Market Managers

- nternational activities

- Member of the Association of Social and Environmental Consumer Organizations (ASECO) founded in November 2004
- Affiliate Member in Consumers International


tel. +359 2 9890106
fax. +359 2 9890107
E-mail: nspo@mail.bg